Online meeting Chinese-English (7)

Some days passed by for us to be able to arrange our next meeting, because all of the members of the group had to return to our countries. We finally had the chance of communicating through Zoom with our meeting being concentrated in English and how we are responding to the current situations with Covid-19 in our life.

Our friend, King, told us that people in China are out again and they are trying to go back to their normal life. They are trying to wake up from the nightmare and feel normal again by going out, shopping and going to work. He told us that this summer he will not be able to go for holidays but he will enjoy his summer alongside a pool and some refreshing drinks.

Our team, from Cyprus, we told him that because we are living in a small island is not difficult to go to the beach for a one-day trip. Therefore, we explained to him that because Cyprus is a warm island, we will be going to the beach and pools all summer. Therefore, we told him that , because of the Covid-19 and the strict measures that are taken in Cyprus, everyone should wear masks, gloves and being negative to the test in order to be able to enter the country. For closure, we all agree that we hope the future will bring us more bright days and that all this sad situation will be stay behind us.

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