10th meeting with Romanian girls 🇹🇩🇷🇺

Bună! Privet!

In our last online meeting with Ramona and Cristina, we repeated everything that we taught in 9 meetings and discussed our future plans for life. I really enjoyed learning Romanian with them, they help me to know a lot of new things. Our meetings were always very lively, fun and there were no barriers between us. I will also buy a Russian-Romanian PhraseBook so that I don’t forget what the girls taught me, as well as learn new topics, expressions and words. The EOTO course is very useful and interesting, it really helps to understand the culture, language and traditions of other peoples.In addition to all this, I Invite Ramona and Cristina to visit Russia, as well as to see my city – Yekaterinburg.

Bye! Good luck!

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