10th Meeting Romania-Russia

Bună! Privet!

So this was our last meeting by video chat which was kinda sad but this doesn’t mean we can’t call each other in the future to see how we are doing. And Yulia also told us that she really wants to visit Romania one day as well as us, we want to visit Russia and maybe her city one day. In our last meeting we repeated everything that we learned in 9 meetings and discussed our future plans for the next years that will come. I really enjoyed learning some Russian and teaching Romanian. Where I realized that our countries have a lot of similarities and even if they are kinda far away the similarities makes everything look like it’s one country. Our meetings were funny even the last ones online, video calling in that way we saw some things from Yulia’s point of view and her home also some little bit of the city. So in the end it was not that bad that she had to go back home. It was sad that we didn’t have the opportunity to show her on a video call just a little bit of our city  but we will call each other in the future and show her also show her some traditional dishes made by my mom. I found out lots of things about Russia and it’s similarities with Romania. These things I will never forget. This semester this course was a little bit different because of the pandemic but i did enjoy a lot the time that I had to spend with Yulia at TAMK and at our place as well as her place.  I can’t wait for Yulia to visit Romania and come to my city Bucharest which is the capital. When she will do that I will show her the most interesting things I know and make her the best food. Also I would like to invite her to my country side to see how it is the real Romanian lifestyle. It was my pleasure to teach Yulia Romanian and to learn a little bit of Russian. It is a hard language to learn but not impossible and with a lot of work maybe someday I will be able to speak it.

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