7th Meeting Romania-Russia!!!

Hello! Hello!

For the 7th meeting we had a video call to get to know each other culture much better. Because me and Cristina cooked for Yulia while she was in Tampere, for this call we decided that she will teach us how to make a traditional Russian soup called Shchi. With this call we had a chance to learn more words in Russian too. The ingredients are:

Beef – govyadina

Cabbage – kapusta

3 potatoes – kartofel’

1 onion – luk

2 tomatoes – pomidory

1 carrot – morkov’ ( which is again a similar word in romania, morcov)

2 garlic cloves – chesnok

Dill – ukrop

Sour Cream – smetana ( in romanian is smântână)

We had a nice time learning new things! Can’t wait the next call with the girls!

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