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Bună! Privet!

Me and Ramona called Yulia today so she could show us how she makes a soup, more exactly all of her ingredients. It was really funny to realize that it looks and it has the same ingredients just like the Romanian soup that we use to eat back home.  She gave us the list also:

  • Beef – govyadina
  • Cabbage – kapusta
  • 3 potatoes – kartofel’ ( In Romanian it’s similar “cartof” )
  • 1 onion – luk
  • 2 tomatoes – pomidory
  • 1 carrot – morkov’ ( In Romanian it’s “morcov” )
  • 2 garlic cloves – chesnok
  • Dill – ukrop
  • Sour Cream – smetana ( In Romanian it’s “smântână”)

And it is exactly like ours. We talked about this and it was interesting to see that we have the same dish just with a different name. In Romanian it is “Ciorbă de varză în stil Rusesc”. Which kinda translates to Cabbage soup in Russian style.

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