8th Meeting Romania-Russia

Bună! Privet!

Me and Ramona called Yulia again to talk about some words in Romanian related to the Summer as it is on it’s way to us. Those are some of the words we talked about. Was funny to realize that again some words are exactly the same in Russian and Romanian for example June and July.

Summer – leto ( Vară in RO )

Flowers – tsvety ( Flori )

Ice cream – мороженое ( Inghețată )

Sea- More ( Mare)

Traveling – puteshestviya ( Călătorie )

Sun – solntse ( Soare )

Swimming – plavaniye ( Înot )

January- Iyanvar’ (Ianuarie)

February-fevral’ (Februarie)

March-Mart (Martie)

April-Aprel’ (Aprilie)

May-May (Mai)

June-Iyun’ (Iunie)

July-Iyul’ (Iulie)

August-Avgust (August)

September-Sentyabr’ (Septembrie)

October-Oktyabr’ (Octombrie)

November-Noyabr’ (Noiembrie)

December-Dekabr’ (Decembrie)

And again lots of words are really similar to each other.

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