9th Meeting Romania-Russia

Privet! Privet!

For the 9th meeting we decided to make pancakes, as Yulia told us that in Russia this is a national dish. In Russian the dish is called blini, in Romania the name of it is clătite. Yulia explained us that in Russia they have a holiday, Maslenitsa, which last a whole week.

In the first day, as I understood from Yulia, Women are baking blini(clătite), and people are having scarecrow that is like a symbol of the past winter. On the 2nd day, people are visiting each other and taste the food they made. On the 3th day, the tables are always full with pancakes, because on this day it is said that the more pancakes people eat, the better. On the 4th day, people are riding horses and have many games, and eat the famous pancakes. On the 5th day, is all about mother-in-low that bakes pancakes for guests. On the 6th day, girls are spending time together for having fun or visit relatives. The last day of Maslenitsa is called Forgiven day, where people are getting ready for a new spring in a new year.

I found this tradition interesting because people must eat pancakes for the entire week.

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