9th Meeting Romania-Russia

Bună! Privet!

Me Ramona and Yulia had a video call again to talk about some Russian traditional dessert. As much as I wish this face face to face and not meeting I only had the chance to see the pancakes she made only in the videocall. It was really hard because they looked really delicious. The pancakes look like normal pancakes that we make at home but the only difference is that they put as  filling condensed milk which I never tried on pancakes or salty ones like mushrooms, fish or caviar also never tried.  But the other ones like jam, berries and cottage cheese I have tried, and it is really delicious.

I have learned that this dessert in Russian is called “blini”  which appeared before the IX century.   They also have a holiday and that is the time when they eat this dessert the name it’s  Shrovetide in Russian “Maslenitsa” which lasts a week.

Yulia gave us a list of things that they are doing in this holiday which looks really interesting to me.

  • On the first day of the week, Monday, called “Meeting”. Women begin to bake pancakes and a Scarecrow is installed like a symbol of the past winter.
  • On the second day of Tuesday people go to each other’s houses, tasting the most important dish of the holiday – ruddy, fragrant and hearty pancakes with a variety of fillings.
  • The third day is Wednesday. On this day, the tables on the street and at home were supposed to be full of treats, it was believed that the more people ate pancakes for the whole day, the better!
  • Thursday was supposed to ride in horses, fistfights, various games and of course the increased eating of the main dish-delicious pancakes.
  • Friday – “Mother-in-law’s day”, mothers-in-law bake their most delicious pancakes for guests and their favorite son-in-law.
  • Saturday – girls gathered for fun girls ‘ gatherings or went to visit relatives, again treated to soft, ruddy, incredibly satisfying and delicious pancakes.
  • Sunday is “Forgiven day”, burned an effigy of winter, asked each other for forgiveness for all offenses, meeting a new spring life and celebrating its arrival, having fun and of course eating in huge quantities the main festive dish-Russian pancakes.

Well from what i have read it is a really fun and interesting holiday as you have something to do everyday in that week. And i find it really interesting that they have to eat so many pancakes. Like everyday they have to eat lots of them which i think after this holiday maybe people put some more kg. Sounds funny to me.

In Romania we have something similar to this where we have to eat kinda like a dessert. You can find it in various forms. For example like something baked or like a soup. It looks like an eight (8) or like the infinit sign.

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