Last meeting Finnish German

Hei Hei!

Summer slowly starts and so ends our  each one teach one course. When we had our last online meeting we only had one topic (as it finally is warm and sunny outside): S U M M E R

Ninni told us a lot about Juhannus here in Finland. People go to their cottages, to a lake or are just out in the nature to make some Juhannuskokko and of course, probably no need to mention it, they have a Juhannussauna!

Also, Ninni had to confuse us with the Finnish language for a last time during this course with the following saying: Kokoo koko kokko! Koko Kokkoko? Koko kokko.

  • Yes this really is a sentence which makes sense, although it rather seemed to be a tongue-twister to Christina and me. It means: Assemble the whole bonfire! The whole bonfire? Yes, the whole bonfire.


Although the course ends, we will still have weekly meetings as we enjoyed it a lot and maybe we will therefore be able to catch up more and more words.

Have a great summer everyone! 🙂


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