4th Meeting Chinese-English

Our 4th meeting was on 22 of March. It was held online due to the coronavirus epidemic. Consequently in our 4th meeting, Siyuan and me talked about the 10 most common verbs in Chinese and the name of different kinds of western food like Check pea, Black Olives, Halloumi and so on.

The meeting started with Chinese. Siyuan listed the  10 simplest and most common verbs  which can be used in almost all conversations. He explained them to me clearly and gave me as many examples as possible to help me understand them better.

After that, I introduced him to the most common foods in my country and what ingredients and steps are needed to make them. Also, we discussed some slangs in English like ”you guys rock” which means well done, which was really interesting for Siyuan to learn.

All in all we ended up sharing useful knowledges to each other.

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