5th Meeting Chinese-English

The 5th meeting took place online on the 5th of April.  Me and Siyuan continued talking about 10 most common verbs in Chinese and discussed the difference kinds of banks that exist in China and Europe.

After Siyuan explained to me the rest of common verbs in Chinese, we began to discuss the similarities and differences between banks in various countries, especially in China and Europe. First of all, in China, as long as the money is deposited into the account, the bank will pay interest to the user, but in Europe, the bank does not have such treatment, on the contrary, the user will be charged a monthly or annual service fee. What is more, due to the popularity of mobile payment in China, people tend to store their money on third-party platforms such as Alipay. WeChat and other platforms get higher interest while gaining convenience, but there is no such platform in Europe.

To summarize, it was once again an amazing meeting and I had great fun teaching Siyuan and learning a lot of funny information as well.

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