Last meeting

Our 10th and last meeting!!!

Few days ago we had our last each one teach one meeting. I cant believe how the just flew by. Our first meeting is still as fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday!

We started our meeting with a little flashback. Before Ninni, Tessa and me started our EachOneTeach meetings we barely knew each other but it is so nice to see that through this course we became close friends!

As we were having our meeting and the sun was shining on our faces we only had one topic for this very last meeting: S U M M E R☀️

Ninni told us everything about Juhannus in Finnland. She told us about endless summer nights at cottages far away from civilization but close to lakes  No need to mention that sauna is a must!
What really is special is the Juhannuskko – bonfire. This makes this long summer night even more fun.
Especially if you have some foreigners around and can try to teach them the fire tongue-twister – which Ninni made us say very fast. I can tell you that we were laughing and cursing at the same time 🤪

You can try it for yourselves: Kokoo koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko.
For those of you think that those words are all the same: I agree but this sentence those actually make sense to Fins and means: Assemle the bonfire! The whole bonfire? Yes, the whole bonfire!🔥

For the last time in this course the Finnish language has made us smile one more time.

It has been such a nice time so Ninni, Tessa and me decided to continue having weekly meetings to catch up and teach each other bits and pieces of German and Finnish.

Have a nice summer!🌞

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