The last meeting Romania and Russia

Hello! Privet! Bună!

The last meet came which is very sad. We had a video call where we tried to recap everythig we leaned in the 9 meetings we had. Even if we were sad that we finished the meetings we had a fun time as usual. Me and Cristina are hoping that Yulia will come to visit Romania and meet us in our city, Bucharest. Also, we want to visit her in Russia and explor her city. In the beginning of the course when we were still able to meet face to face it was very fun to spend time together, we found a lot of things that our countires have in common which makes everything more interesting. I thought having online meetings will make the learning procees difficult, but it was simple. We had fun video calls and have the oportunity to see a little bit of Yulia’s home and city. For sure, me and Cristina will call her from Romania to show our city. I find it very interesting that Romania in Russia have many similar traditions and words, even the food is very similar.
I hope we can meet soon and spend some time together again.
It was a nice experience to learn Russian from Yulia. Also, i was glad to teach her the basics of Romanian and show her my country and culture.
We had a fun time!
Good luck girls!!!❤

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