Learning Finnish, 10th meeting


 This is the last meeting of Each one teach one.

First, I want have a Finnish name, that is the plan in my goals and Quang gave one to me via my English name, Sean. My Finnish name is Sami. After that, I learned some basic adjective words so that I can form a sentence. Here are my what I learned:

Basic adjective words:

big = iso
small = pieni
long = pitkä
short = lyhyt
fat = lihava
thin = ohut
shallow = pinnallinen
strong = vahva
weak = heikko

sad = surullinen
happy = iloinen
good = hyvä
bad = huono
hot = kuuma
cold = kylmä

After leaning, Quang Ho gave me some feedback about the whole learning. He said I did really well in this course because Finnish is a kind of language that is hard for foreigners because of the grammar rules and words. It is totally different from English. He said I am a good partner and we can meet again if we have the chance.

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