Learning Finnish, 1st meeting


The first meeting we met at the restaurant of TAMK, we set a goal before we started to learn. And we want to meet at different places in these ten meetings. Also, we decided to last one hour in each meeting.

First class, Quang Ho taught me some Finnish words and sentences about greetings and the basis of pronunciation of Finnish.

Moi ! >>>> Moi!
Mitä kuulu? >>>> Hyvää kiitos!
Hauska tavata >>>> Kiitos samoin!
Mikä sinun nimesion >>>> Minä olen Sami
Mitä olet kotosin >>>> Mina olen kiina

Before we ended the meeting, he taught me how to say 2.6 euros in Finnish because 2.6 euros is the price of the lunch in TAMK’s restaurant.

2.6 euros = Kksi ruro j 60 senttiä / Kaksi pilkku kuusi euroa

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