Learning Finnish, 2nd meeting


Today I had the second meeting with Quang Ho, we met in the library. And in this meeting, our topic was about food, I learned some Finnish words about food that I was interested in. Here is what I learned:

-Raskalaiset perunat  =  French fries

-Hampurilainen  =  Hamburger

-Salaatti  =  Salad

-Possun liha  =  Pork (meat)

-Kanan liha  =  Chicken (meat)

-Miulla on nälkä  =  I am hungry

-Miulla on jano  =  I am thirsty.

-Minä halvan juoda vettä  =  I want to drink water.

-Minä haluan juoda pullollollista vettä = I want to drink a bottle of water.

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