Learning Finnish, 5th meeting


Because of extend of closing time of TAMK, we have to make a meeting online. Today I want to learn some words about buildings in Finnish and Quang wants to learn some word about dating.

That is what I have learned:


Window Roof Wall Floor Inside door Outside door
Ikkuna Katto Seinä Lattia Väliovi Ulko-ovi


Kitchen Sleeping room Bathroom Living room Balcony Toilet
Keittiö Makuuhuone Kylpyhuone Olohuone Parveke Vessa


Besides, Quang introduces some Finnish culture in buildingd which are different from other countries.

  1. In Finland, most of house will have a shelf for putting bowls and dishes in the kitchen. Because the water of faucets in Finland is very good, which needs to dry instead of wiping.
  2. In Finland, there are lots of playgrounds in the residential areas, which are built for children.
  3. In Finland, there is a balcony in the house.
  4. In Finland, most of houses and apartments will have the Sauna rooms.
  5. If there is a people died, the flag in this area will going down to the middle for memorizing this person.

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