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Bạn khoè không?

How are you? (Bạn khoè không? Come stai?)

Me and Danh had our second meeting on Saturday 26.09. We had to skip last week’s session because I was travelling to my home city during the day and Danh was busy in the evening. We had an intense second session though!

We started learning some grammar. I explained to Danh the genders in italian and how articles work. Grammar is quite difficult to explain to someone with no knowledge of the language, this is the part were both of us have to put most of the effort. For me, teaching these things is challenging because they come naturally to me, but I have to find the right way to explain how the rules work and to make my explanation as easy as possible for Danh to understand. Also, learning is always the hardest part at the beginning, especially concerning grammar and rules of the language.

The difference in italian and Vietnamese is huge, so we cannot use the same method for teaching/learning. I have to prepare material before hand and go over some rules myself, to be able to be clear e.g. on how to use the different articles.

Danh taught me about the different ways of approaching strangers, based on age and the level of intimacy with the person. It’s very interesting, because there are so many different words for pronouns! I enjoyed this part quite a lot, because I know some Japanese and there are similarities in the culture, especially the use of different pronouns for people of specific ages and/or to show more/less respect. I understood and assimilated this quite easily, mostly because of my previous knowledge in other language with similar use of pronouns.

For example:

  • pronoun for younger sister/brother: em
  • pronoun for older sister: chị
  • pronoun for older brother: anh

Some expressions:

  • How are you? : Bạn khoè không?
  • Nice to meet you? : Rât vui được gặp bạn

I am getting more and more excited to learn Vietnamese and I think that Danh and I are doing a good job in the teaching part. It’s the first time I teach someone italian and I think it’s the same for Danh so this has been quite the challenge! But the more challenging it is, the more excited I get to master a new language/skill.

I’ll add a picture of my notes, we again had a Zoom meeting seen as we cannot physically meet.



German-Russian | 1st meeting

Meeting on September 23rd 2020, 2 hours

On Wednesday Daria and I had our first Each One Teach One Meeting. We got to know each other in our online courses of the Media and Arts program at TAMK. She is a full degree student in this program in her first semester while on the other hand I am an exchange student from Germany. I originally studied industrial engineering in Hannover for my B. Eng., but now changed my subject for my last (international and seventh) semester.

We had our first meeting online via Zoom because Daria lives in Hamina due to the remote studying begin of this semester and in addition I just recently arrived in Tampere. Very likely we will do all of our meetings online then. But because I am quite used to online communication, especially through my last semester in Germany, I found it really enjoyable.

We created our preliminary agreement and talked about basic information about ourselves and our country. The time indeed flew by and we noticed there’s a lot more to tell and learn so I was definitely looking forward to the next meeting.

Italian-Vietnamese 2nd meeting

At the 2nd meeting, I was taught about the gender of nouns in Italian. It’s so interesting that even the nouns have their genders. For me, it is quite challenging to catch the sign of each word to identify the word’s gender. However, Sara said it would become more familiar when I have more chance to catch more Italians in the future. I also hope so!

For Vietnamese, I showed Sara some basic personal pronouns in Vietnamese. Compared to English, the pronouns in Vietnamese are much more complicated but Sara managed well with those stuff.

We planned to extend more about the culture at the next meeting.

Italian – Vietnamese first meeting

Sara and I has our first meeting on Zoom on 12/9 for 1.5 hour. This is quite an inconvenience as we cannot directly contact with each other which makes the process of learning ( esp. pronunciation which depends on looking at how our mouth looks like when saying the words) more difficult to achieve ( plus the connection was bad and we could not turn on the camera while interacting). However, we were still able to overcome this with all of our efforts.

We both learnt and taught the alphabet. For Italian, I had chance to look over some basic expressions like “Hello”, ” How are you?”, ” Good morning/ afternoon/evenning…”, and some more. I could comperehend a little bit about how to pronounce the words when letters are combined. I love listening and learning the beauty of Italian ( at least until now!!!). Vietnamese as I heard from my foreigners is quite hard to learn, but Sara managed the first process pretty well, she listened to my pronunciation through Zoom and repeated relatively exactly, she is kind of a hard and smart learner, I suppose she will succeed more in the future.

Our meeting was successful, we basically achived what we planned and hope that we will keep this streak going up and be able to do some basic communication soon.


Finnish-German first meeting

Kira and me met yesterday for the first time! We went to Cafe Puisto, which is a really nice cafe/restaraunt right in the centre of Tampere. First we got to know each other a little bit in English but soon switched to Finnish and German.

Kira understood almost everything I said in Finnish and also spoke Finnish really well! Me on the other hand had problems remembering even basic words, but lucky for me I have a good teacher. We went through some basic words, like animals, family, countries and means of transportation. She only had a couple of words that I had to help her with. I was happy and quite surprised that I remembered even a few words in German since it’s been some time since I last studied German and was never very good at it. Kira also taught me many new words but I’ve already forgotten them since I only heard them and didn’t see them written down.

I had fun and I’m already looking forward to meeting her again!

1st meeting: Finnish – German

Sofia and me had our first meeting in Café Puisto in Tampere yesterday evening. Luckily we are both in Finland, so we were able to meet in real life. It was really nice to meet her and we had a lot of fun together!
First we talked in english to get to know each other. We had many topics to talk about, for example our studies, especially starting to study in this “corona time”.

Then we talked about some basic topics like introducing ourselves, talking about family, animals and countries in german and finnish.
I already know the basics of finnish, so my goal is to speak finnish a bit more fluently and it definitely helped to talk to Sofia.
I feel quite confident when speaking finnish with Sofia, because she understands me well and speaks really clear and understandable! 🙂
It has been a while since Sofia last studied german, so it was a bit hard for her to remember some words. Nevertheless she still managed well, for example in describing her family in german!

We both figured out that it’s quite hard/almost impossible to remember new words without seeing them written down, so next time we will write down new vocabularies for sure!

First meeting, first laughs!

It’s time for our first lesson!

Danh and me met online in a zoom meeting on Saturday 12.09. It was our first official meeting and it lasted 1,5 h, each of us was teaching for about 45 minutes .

Danh is in Vietnam so the only possibility of meeting for us is through Zoom. The first lesson was really exciting! In italian we went through the alphabet and some basic words and expressions. In Vietnamese we went through the alphabet and the different sounds that are formed with more letters. Vietnamese is hard!

The pronunciation for Danh in italian is quite easy, he’s very good at it. For me it was a bit more challenging because the sounds in Vietnamese are very different than in any other language that I speak. I am still very motivated and aiming for an A2 level!

We will meet every week and also go through the things we did on our own at home. It was really fun to have this first lesson with Danh and I am looking forward to learning more and getting better!








– Sara Di Giovanni