Finnish-German first meeting

Kira and me met yesterday for the first time! We went to Cafe Puisto, which is a really nice cafe/restaraunt right in the centre of Tampere. First we got to know each other a little bit in English but soon switched to Finnish and German.

Kira understood almost everything I said in Finnish and also spoke Finnish really well! Me on the other hand had problems remembering even basic words, but lucky for me I have a good teacher. We went through some basic words, like animals, family, countries and means of transportation. She only had a couple of words that I had to help her with. I was happy and quite surprised that I remembered even a few words in German since it’s been some time since I last studied German and was never very good at it. Kira also taught me many new words but I’ve already forgotten them since I only heard them and didn’t see them written down.

I had fun and I’m already looking forward to meeting her again!

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