Italian – Vietnamese first meeting

Sara and I has our first meeting on Zoom on 12/9 for 1.5 hour. This is quite an inconvenience as we cannot directly contact with each other which makes the process of learning ( esp. pronunciation which depends on looking at how our mouth looks like when saying the words) more difficult to achieve ( plus the connection was bad and we could not turn on the camera while interacting). However, we were still able to overcome this with all of our efforts.

We both learnt and taught the alphabet. For Italian, I had chance to look over some basic expressions like “Hello”, ” How are you?”, ” Good morning/ afternoon/evenning…”, and some more. I could comperehend a little bit about how to pronounce the words when letters are combined. I love listening and learning the beauty of Italian ( at least until now!!!). Vietnamese as I heard from my foreigners is quite hard to learn, but Sara managed the first process pretty well, she listened to my pronunciation through Zoom and repeated relatively exactly, she is kind of a hard and smart learner, I suppose she will succeed more in the future.

Our meeting was successful, we basically achived what we planned and hope that we will keep this streak going up and be able to do some basic communication soon.


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