11_Spanish-Finnish: Lesson 8

Hola and Moro,

Virtual education continued. It was harder to keep up the attention of everyone in the beginning, because we started very early. In order to keep everyone focused, we agree to start by telling about our day. It was proven that when we are put under the ligth spot our senses react and makes us more focused. In a way we had review the vocabulary many times, but still it was challenging to find the right phrases and right words to talk.

Despite this imminente issue, we all managed to say something in both Spanish and Finnish. Maybe not the best grammar, but as I like to say since last year, done, better than perfect. In order to encourage more focus on Spanish, I gave some additional voluntary homework. I liked when I asked who would like to have some extra homework for your free time. Everybody said yes. 

So a news article was given as homework for everyone. Task was to find as many verbs as possible in any given form or tense.

I simply loved and admire the attitude of our group!

Saludos y nos vemos pronto!

Fabián Garrido
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