Finnish-German, second meeting

Me and Kira finally met for the second time! For our second meeting we had decided to bake something from Germany together but I didn’t know what exactly. When I got to her apartment she told me that we would make “Kartoffelpuffer”, which I had never heard of. They were kind of similar to pancakes but made from potatoes. Kira told me that you can eat them either sweet or salty. We ate them with apple sauce and they were good! Surprisingly good even.

We had German music in the background while we revised (and learnt) some words related to kitchen and cooking. Most kitchen words were already familiar to Kira, but I learnt many new words. For example die Pfanne (pan) and das Mehl (flour). We also talked about some traditional dishes of both Finland and Germany.

For our next meeting we’re going to make some Finnish dish or dessert together, but I haven’t decided what yet!

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