Polish – German first meeting


Due to my late arrival in Finland, Fryderyks and my first meeting was on Skype. Neither of us studied each other’s language before, so we spoke English to get to know each other first. We talked for a little longer than an hour and started with general questions such as how our names are pronounced, where exactly we come from, what we are studying and the like. After that we started to compare our preliminary plans and discussed what we plan to do at our next meetings. For example, we agreed on doing some outdoor activities like going for a hike and playing board/card games, as we feel that learning a new language is way more interesting when you apply the learned vocabularies directly, rather than just learn it by heart like we used to do in school. In general, we decided to discuss about the differences and similarities in our culture and the background of the languages primary. Finally, we learned greetings in both languages to start with the actual learning content.

I think we both enjoyed this first meeting and I’m excited to learn more Polish soon!

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