German-Russian | 3rd Meeting

Meeting on September 30th, 2020, 2 hours

After the introduction to the articles and genders last time, this time I started teaching Daria basic present tense sentences and actually a lot of new vocabulary. We discussed a few pitfalls in German sentence building, like verbs which change not only their ending with different pronouns but also their spelling (e.g.: I eat – Ich esse, You eat – Du isst). Furthermore, we established common phrases like Hello! – Hallo!, four different versions of I’m sorry – and of course the translation for Could you pass me the beer please? – Kannst du mir bitte das Bier geben? 😂 Also, we noted there is a difference between a formal and a casual You in German (formal: Sie, casual: du).

On the other side now, as I’m finally comfortable with the Cyrillic alphabet, I got an easy start by learning the weekdays in Russian. Then we quickly moved on to similar useful phrases we had in German before. One of my main problems here still is the pronunciation so Daria began always marking the stressed part of a word or a sentence which helped a lot! Another thing I like about Russian is I got the feeling it’s quite an efficient language. For example, the whole Where can I find… becomes only Где, the question word. Simple, but I like it 😀

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