Arabic-German | 2nd Meeting


Ahmed and I met for the second time, in order to see the sunset at Naistenlahti, the lake next to my flat at Lapinkaari. During our first meeting, we have already done the first two events of our preliminary plan at once, playing football and having a typical Arabic lunch at Ahmed’s apartment. Hence, even though it was not part of our preliminary plan, we decided spontaneously to use October’s shafts of sunlight, before the weather will become more displeasing. But unfortunately, the sky was cloudier as we previously expected. During our walk through the forest, we had a lively discussion regarding integration of refugees in general and especially in Germany due to the high number of Syrians who arrived in 2015 and 2016. In addition, Ahmed was really interested into the role of racism in my domestic country. I explained that Germany has, from my point of view, no problem with racism generally although a nationalistic political party, called Alternative für Deutschland, has been increasing since its appearance in 2013.

Moreover, Ahmed explained the process of marriage in the Arabic culture and women’s status in general. In comparison to Germany, the differences regarding equal treatment of both women and gays are tremendous. Otherwise, most parts of Palestine’s youth tend to a more liberal way of thinking. At this point, I am really thankful for taking part in this course and, in order to learn more about a non-western culture, which is embossed by religious values. After this meeting, due to Ahmed’s open-mindedness, I am more aware of both the actual situation in Palestine as well as the ongoing process of change.

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