Arabic-German | 3rd Meeting

Our third meeting was a kind of history lesson. Even though I have an Israeli friend in Germany, I was not conscious of Israel’s establishment in the territory of Palestine after world war II. Honestly, without extensive knowledge regarding this conflict before, I blamed the Palestinian for their, from my previous point of view, gratuitous production of tension in this region. After our meeting, although violence is never the right way of solving problems and has to be judged in spates, I am more aware of the reasons, which caused the Palestinian behavior. Israel has expanded its territory beyond the borders settled by the United Nations in 1967. Hopefully, the conflict will be resolved in future.

In order to explain the two main religious movements in Germany, Protestants and Catholics, I started with the 95 thesis of Martin Luther in 1517. To sum it up, due to the selling of indulgences by the catholic church in the middle age, a movement arose, which was convinced that this remission of sins is just a way of making money. Hence, the Protestants, led by Martin Luther, established their own religion, which was solely based on the faith in god. In general, even though this incident was one of the most incisive events in Germany, explaining it without Google was partially difficult due to lack of detailed knowledge. Ahmed agreed to this point, because watching videos regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict, in order to be prepared for the meeting, was helpful for him as well.

Shukran and Salam !

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