Arabic-German | 4th Meeting

If we had followed our preliminary scheduled meeting regarding sports, we would have visited a bar, where we would have been able to watch football, while talking about our favorite teams. However, instead of sitting in front of a TV, we decided to visit the Tampere Ilves, one of two ice hockey teams in Tampere, in order to cheer them at their Matchday against Pori. Fortunately, we were accompanied by three friends, who take part in this course as well. Even though we had planned to talk about our most preferred football teams, we avoided the topic, because the game of Liverpool, Ahmed’s favorite team, against Everton ended in a tie (caused by a false referee decision).

Due to the killing of a history teacher, who showed a cartoon of prophet Mohammed, by a an Islamist in France two days ago, we talked about the conservative values of some Muslims and the difficulty of integrating them in a society. In addition, because of evaluating the foreign policy of president Trump, we talked about the election in the United States as well. From my point of view, Ahmed and I have similar opinions of liberal thinking, although we came from different cultures and countries. To sum it up, I really enjoyed this day again and looking forward seeing Ahmed for the 5th time.

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