Polish-German 2nd Meeting

After my two weeks of quarantine Fryderyk and I were actually able to meet in person for the first time and we decided to meet in Kauppi at the lakefront. For our second lesson we started with repeating the basics we already learned at our Skype-meeting 2 weeks ago (Cześć! or Dzień dobry!) and then named the things around us (e.g. Lake = Jezioro). For me, the pronunciation was really hard, as the Polish language has some sounds that do not exist in German. In addition to that, remembering the words was not easy at all. Unfortunately, we did not write the words down immediately, which made remembering even harder, but afterwards we started a list with vocabularies, which we can expand during the next meetings.

Additionally, we discussed how to differentiate between a question and a normal sentence and talked about our cultural background.

Overall, I think we are on a good way to develop our language skills.

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