Italian-Vietnamese Fourth meeting: Food, food and food!!!

Hello-Ciao-Xin chào!!! It was our fourth meeting and the session was full of food, that makes me hungry all the way. Right in the beginning of the meeting, Duy did very well at introducing the most typical and best specilities in Vietname such as: pho, banh trung thu (mid-autumn cake), nem… I was impressed by the way he delivered all the most basic but mostly adequate information about the dishes to Sara; furthermore, he also helped her to distinguish the fake and the real version of distict dishes, he did it very clear, and I admired him at this point. Then we also showed Sara two special food which rarely foreigners can “deal with” are “trung vit lon” and “sau rieng” (durian) and we hope that she can try the two in the near future.

About the Italian food, Sara showed us a huge varieties of her country’s specilities: from the most general like pasta, pizza, lasagna, risotto (including many different types) to the more region-specific ones such as rosotto allo zafferano, pasta al pesto, polenta (in the North) and parmigiana di melanzane, cannoli (in the South). The common thing in Italian dishes is that they are mostly fat in nutrition and provide a large amount of protein and energy (I think it is not suitable to try these before going to bed!!)

We have planned for one cultural exchange day to cook our food and discuss more about our cultures and languages when Duy and me can arrive in Finland. We all hope that day will come soon!

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