Italiano-Vietnamese third meeting: Welcome our new member, Duy Ha!!!

It’s so surprised when we welcomed a new member to our group, he is my fellow from Vietnam and he is from the North (I’m from the South). It’s good for all of us, Vietnamese people from different regions still have typical differences, and not only Sara I can learn from Duy many other things I has not experienced yet.

Via our meeting, it was an open greetings, as it is definitely “the more the merrier”, we got to know more about each other. Firstly, Sara taught me about the verb tenses (with the “TO BE=essere” and “TO HAVE=avere”) and also a little revision the personal pronouns from the last session; the lesson becomes harder and harder when I learnt how to combine the words in order to express the sentence in the correctly in certain contexts. Italian grammar is getting more complicated at this point and much more efforts must be put into practice if I want to comprehend all of this. On the contrary, verb tenses and plural form in Vietnamese is really simple, it only took us about 15 minutes and there was no challenges for Sara to get through with this part.

Also, after that Duy and me introduced Sara traditional holidays and typical occasions in Vietnam. While Duy were “making his presentation” by speech to Sara, I tried to share the relative images and information from internet on Zoom’s sharing screen space. We thought we all did well at this session (lol).

There is still many interesting things to disscuss in the next meetings (both academic and cultural) and we’re all looking forward to the coming weeks!

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