Finnish – Vietnamese, part I: I’m so excited

We met with Suong via Teams on Monday October 12th and we talked for four hours. First we talked mostly Finnish and then I got first glimpse of Vietnamese. It was more exciting than I could imagine. First challenge I found is that we spend all the available time when we meet and there’s no time left to write about it.

On Monday October 19th again via Teams we had second session. We had only 30 minutes and I managed to teach one funny word and its use in spoken language. Then I thought, was it really that necessary.

Then was my turn to learn more Vietnamese on Tuesday October 20th. I stumbled my way to introduce myself but there are so many different words to include in a sentence that I no longer knew which way is up. It’s been interesting but nonetheless I can’t wait to get rid of the virtual environment. I’m clumsy with computers.

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