Arabic-German | 5th Meeting

Three weeks ago, on the 7th of October, Ahmed invited me to take part in a board game session with a couple of friends, I have already met at our first meeting in September. The plan was to start playing at one of his friend’s place and, after we had finished the board game, to go to a bar in order to learn typical Arabic and German phrases of ordering drinks and dishes. Unfortunately, the bars and restaurants were closed due to Corona pandemic, which we noticed while we were standing in front of their doors.

However, the first part of our meeting, playing board games, was a lot of fun. Ahmed introduced me in typical Arabic small talk phrases and I replied with the German opposites. For instance, the ice breaker “How do you do?”, which is said in Arabic by Kefak? and in German by Wie geht es dir? or, aiming at one of the most likely small-talk subjects, “The weather is great” what is expressed by El-jaw helo (Arabic) and Das Wetter ist gut (German). All in all, even though we were not able to go to a bar/ restaurant, we exchanged commonly used phrases in our languages, as planned in the beginning of this course. In addition, I really enjoyed meeting Ahmed’s friends and hope to see them in one of our next meetings again.

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