Continuously after Vietnamese class, Jetro and I met again in the following day on Saturday for one-hour Finnish class and of course it again happened online. Our topic in the day was about the weather. I recommended this topic because I have learnt that topic from my language school, but I seemed to forget everything when I have had no many chances to practise about it.

Jetro started to ask me: ¨Millainen sää on tänään?¨ Oh gosh, I recognised that I forgot how to answer that simply question. How big is the gap in Finnish knowledge that I have. However, under the support of Jetro, I could hardly answer it, but honestly my answer did not satisfy myself much. We started to discuss about: ¨Miten voi kun on pimeä?¨ and Jetro helped me understand some answer for that questions. I think that both of us found hard to Finnish so far. To Jetro, it was hard to teach Finnish with the tool of English and for me Finnish is always tricky as always. I got to know some phrases that were not taught in my school and challenged my brain to understand their logic.

Then, we started to change to talk about the Tampere music chamber unintentionally. I told Jetro about that event and he was interested in it. He in the other hand taught me some other phrases around that event.

I think our classes happened a bit slowly, however we really enjoyed it. I think after this class, I will continue learning from Jetro and we may be good friends after.

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