Polski – Niemiecki | sixth lesson

For our sixth meeting, we took a walk to the Pynikki observation tower, where we ate doughnuts – “paszek” and drank “herbata” (tea). As you might have noticed, we mainly talked about coffeehouse vocabularies. The weather was perfect, so we could even enjoy our food outside, while trying to pronounce our vocabularies. Surprisingly, compared to most of the other words, coffeehouse vocabularies aren’t that hard to pronounce for me, as coffee is “kawa”, and tea, as I already mentioned “herbata”. However, as the pronunciation is still a huge difficulty in general, we decided to go through the alphabet and practice some reading at one of our next meetings.

After covering some of the coffeehouse vocabulary, we also talked about some basic emotions. So, no we are able to say when we are “głodny” (hungry) and want to go to a café, or if we are “szczesliw” – happy. Here again, the pronunciation has really hit the mark again and our plan to concentrate fully on the pronounciation for one of our next lessons was confirmed :D. The spelling is then again a different topic.

Besides the well-known difficulties, from my point of view, Fryderyk and I really progress well in our language learning process and both of us are getting better in teaching as well.

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