Finnish – Vietnamese, part II: Surface scratching

We met the second time on Teams on Monday November 2nd. I found that the best way to communicate and work online is to use the phone to stream the video and use the computer to do everything else. We had some time to dive into Vietnamese greetings. I was somewhat shocked about the fact that I have to know who I’m talking to, because you don’t always see or hear them. In Finnish there’s no those kinds of situations. Finnish is not dependent on age or gender but in Vietnamese it is obviously very essential.

I have my notes on paper and they are usually elsewhere. It takes time to go and find them. Then we have all kinds of stuff going on on the screen and it takes time to make the view work for us. Then we see that time is up and “bye!”. 😀 These one hour sessions are really short and I have to rush to the next place every time. My reports are late. They are ragged. I don’t remember much. I’m bad with computer and writing stuff 😀 bye!

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