Italian-Vietnamese 5th meeting

Woops! This is our first meeting after nearly one month. The time flew so fast. All of us were too busy with our own schedule and Thank God Sara and I successfully arranged a meeting this week while Duy couldn’t participate due to some personal reasons.

Today, we discussed about our history and maybe a little bit politics. Sara shown me a brief history of Italia which explains why the country is divided into different regions like nowadays and important events in the Italian history. Also, I have got some suggestions from Sara about interesting places to travel accross Italia as well as good things I can expect throughout the trip to the country.

Towards my part, I gave Sara some kind of “base” of the Vietnamese history, “legend” as well as some famous historical people such as the key persons in Vietnam war.

However, history is something complicated and requires much more self-study, both of us will ourselves try to elaborate more on the information we have got from each other.

Throughout the meeting, we exchanged on various fields which come out of our mind. Therefore, I consider this meeting has given us considerable basic knowledge about the two countries.

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