Finnish – French | 6th meeting

When we established our meeting plan, there was a particular event I was especially looking forward to, and it finally happened: the international full-course dinner!

We made cooking plans with Mona prior to this meeting, I had to come up with a French main dish, and her with a sweet Finnish delicacy. As we were approaching Winter, I was hesitating between two cheese-based dishes that we love to eat in France during the end of the year: Raclette and Fondue.

But as the Raclette needed a special machine that is quite expensive in Finland, I decided to go with a Cheese Fondue with many different vegetarian dips, to go along Mona’s diet. On her side, she offered me the choice between 3 different typically Finnish pastry recipes that she knew, from which I chose Mokkaruutu, as I was already curious about it when she introduced it to me during one of our previous meetings.

As we planned this evening, we also had the chance to be accompanied by Mona’s Spanish SO Iñigo, and Nina, a Finnish friend of ours. The more, the merrier!

We all went shopping together, in the Pirkkala commercial center, to get our ingredients. It was really fun shopping with friends, as we were all deciding together what brands/types of product to pick. The only disappointment we met was about Alko, the Finnish alcohol shop, that closed before our eyes at 18.00 (?!?) when we needed white wine (for the Fondue, of course!). We then decided to buy sparkly low-alcohol white wine-ish bottles in K-Market (and there was no way we would have put that in the Fondue)

With our bags full of ingredients, we came back to Mona’s place, rolled up our sleeves and got down to kitchen’s business. While Mona & Nina were starting to take care of the Mokkapalat, I was preparing each dipping that we’d put in the fondue: cooked potatoes, baguette chunks, cherry tomatoes and even zucchini (Mona’s great idea, that was really delicious!).

Everybody helped in such a fun & positive atmosphere, I had a blast making food with AND for everybody. While we were cooking with Mona, we were asking each other vocabulary about the ingredients we were dealing with, like kananmunat (eggs), voi (butter) or jauho (flour).

We finally sat down to eat. Iñigo took the initiative to prepare a Spanish entrance dish: an authentic gazpacho, which is the coolest soup you can ever have! Then, we all enjoyed the cheese fondue; it had this good white wine taste that I missed so much. It was Mona and Nina’s first fondue, that made me really glad to have come up with it! Finally, with our bellies quite full already, we enjoyed parts of Mokkaruutu, which is such a tasty dessert, the girls really rocked it. Mona gave me some more for home, and I’m enjoying it as I’m writing these lines. Namia!

This Finnish-Spanish-French full course dinner was a royal success.

Just how many Interactive Media students does a Mokkaruutu require?


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