Finnish – Vietnamese, part III: Estranged familiarity

Have you ever wondered about a familiar word after you introduced it to someone? I have and many times. It’s November 3rd. Tuesday noon and we are connecting to the cursed Teams. We start the conversation with weather I think. I said the word “tuttu” in a sentence. Suong asked what it means and I got confused. I’ve never thought about it. It means familiar but it’s also a noun. We talked about it the whole session. Mind bending realization of difference in languages is not that uncommon. I find words weird quite often when I talk or think. This was again that kind of moment.

Then I thought tuttu means well-known but still it’s not quite there. You cannot ask someone “is it well-known” because it means slightly something else. You have know the concept instead of just remembering every situation it’s usable. We understand our native language intuitively and the concepts are bendable but now we can face totally new ways to deal with objects.

I’m sad that this course is this short :.( We could have benefit more if we weren’t in such a hurry. We have suitable time only from Monday to Friday but I have free time mostly on weekends. My weeks are totally scheduled already so there’s no time to dive deeper. It’s difficult to remember to study on my free time because all I need right now is Finnish and English. I hope this continues somehow.

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