Finnish – Vietnamese, part IV: Precious time

It’s Wednesday November 11th. My name is Jetro and something else depending on who I talk to in Vietnamese. I haven’t done my homework :T My self-working capability is really poor because studying is again new to me. I’m studying first year of social services. I thought there’s gotta be at least something social in life. My schedule is full of tasks and if I’m lucky I’ll get some sleep at night. It’s been like that forever. I’m always seeking a way to go out but this remote situation is just bad luck. These computers, hngh.

I forget many things between lessons. When I tried to introduce myself, there was a monkey inside my head hitting cymbals together. I’m clumsy while Suong does a very good job presenting the information before my eyes. I don’t know what else to say. I think there’s too little time for this course. Holidays are coming and then I’d have some time but the course is over by then.

Feels like this reporting takes all the precious time I could use for learning 🙁 I’m busy boi.
Also, this blog deletes my drafts once in a while :C

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