Recently Jetro and I have tried to set up our meeting every week as soon as we had less study works. In last Friday meeting, I shared with him about my interest in a program which I could register to make friend with a Finnish woman and can have more chance to practise my Finnish skill. He was happy for me about that news. He taught me how to correctly say some sentences, like: minun täytyy järjestää aikaa tapaamiseen and help me distinguish the words: tapaaminen and tappaminen to avoid any misunderstanding to the listeners. We have had fun talking about that situation when immigrants like me who have wrong pronunciation, may have this kind of misunderstanding from others, especially the policemen. Jetro also helped me correct the pronunciation of: ruoka when it becomes to ruoat.

After that, I had time to show him the special food from Vietnam in Finnish. I tried to describe names of food, where to eat and some cultural points. We also share our thoughts about foods and our own tastes of food in Finnish. It seemed that Jetro has quite much interest in the special food of Vietnam. He said: the best food is when someone cooks it for you. It is very right actually. I said to him, come to Vietnam and enjoy the cheap and delicious food. I would like to share my love to Vietnamese food with him and inspire him to come there someday. Then, I may introduce him to some of my friends who can be happy to invite him some food that she or he can cook. A traditional meal at Vietnamese family may bring him a new experience of another culture. Why not?

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