This time I helped Jetro to get to know some famous tourism places in Vietnam. I have showed to him a tour throughout Vietnam by google map. This tool seemed to be useful to help people travel visually through photos and location. I was proud and excited to show how beautiful my country is or how the people are friendly there, especially in the countryside. I recommended him to travel to Hochiminh city first, where is also the tourism place. There he can enjoy the city life, like chill bars on the roof top to see the colourful city at night or visit some historical places. From there, he can also take a bus, serviced car or airplane to travel to other areas easily, like: to Danang, Hanoi, Mekong Delta area. He can come to one of the most beautiful beaches on the world or if he wants, he can discover the historical areas in Hanoi or Hue, or if he likes to experience the tropical taste, he can come to the Mekong Delta. Everything in Vietnam is cheap and ready in every corner for him to experience and people there are friendly and helpful. Maybe I can recommend him to have some Vietnamese friends there, who can take him home in the countryside and experience the real life of Vietnam countryside. I can guarantee it can be the memorial experience for him if that would happen. After my sharing, I could see that Jetro was open and excited to get to know more about Vietnam. He shared that he would love to come there by a transfer program between Vietnam university and TAMK. I do hope that he can find it and win the chance to come there, then I am willing to tell him more about Vietnam or may help him when he needs.

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