Polish – German | 10th lesson

Hi together!

For our last lesson, Fryderyk and I met at the café Puisto. While drinking a coffee and eating a piece of cake, we compared the school systems of Finland, Poland and Germany. On average, a day at school in Poland is longer than it is in Germany.  While Polish students go to school for eight hours every day, in German schools mostly only have three or sometimes maybe four days of eight hours from year seven on. Younger ones even less. Polish teachers seem to be stricter as well and the power distance is more distinct than in Germany. Compared to Finland though, Poland and Germany as well have a very high power distance and the whole school system is stricter. Going to university in Poland also seems to be much more strenuous. While it is normal in Germany to work in parallel while studying to finance it, that is more or less impossible in Poland according to what i undstood from Fryderyk. But again, in Finland studying is the student friendliest of the three countries, at least in our opinion.

We also talked about what we want to do after we finished our studies, if we want to go back and work in our home countries or rather stay abroad, but it would be a bit too long to explain the details here.

As the grand finale of our each one teach one course, we went to see the light/water show at Tammerkoski. It takes round about 7 minutes and it’s definitely worth checking out!

Finally, I can only say that the course was a lot of fun and I learned plenty, not only the language, but also about the Polish culture itself. I hope Fryderyk enjoyed this course as much as I did, he was a great Polish teacher and I think we will meet again in the future. I’ve also made up my mind to continue learning Polish on the side.

Do zobaczenia wkrótce i pozdrawiam!


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