Polish – German | 7th meeting

Hi 🙂

At our 7th meeting, Fryderyk and I met at Vapriikki Museum. I really like the museum with its different exhibitions. Especially the game museum is really interesting and one of a kind with all the different interactive games one can play. We also started with that exhibition and to be honest, we did not really focus on learning the language there. Instead, we challenged each other in various video games.  Sadly, I lost in almost every game, which my ego still has not quite managed to cope with :D.

Next, we stopped at the natural history exhibition. Here you will find exhibits mainly from the fauna of Finland. This was a great way to learn some new vocabulary, as we learned about some animals. Now I know that for example a bear is a niedzwiedz and a hare is a zajac.  Despite learning the vocabulary, we were through with the exhibition quite quickly, as it is relatively small. Then we are on to an exhibition with various foods and groceries. It was perfect to repeat the vocabularies we learned while cooking at our fourth meeting. Shockingly, I forgot nearly everything I learned, but I hope now I’ll remember at least some of it. It showed me that I should repeat my vocabularies more often. I tend to forget that quite easily when there are a lot of other projects coming towards their final presentation as well, but it is on my daily schedule from today on.

Anyway, after the natural history exhibition, we visited the Finlayson and the Posit exhibition as well, but both of them weren’t that suitable for learning or teaching languages.

Altogether, it was a great day and I can only recommend visiting the Vapriikki Museum!

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