Polish – German | 8th meeting


We finally did our reading and pronunciation lesson! At the Y-Campus at TAMK we sat down at a table together and started with going through the alphabet. While the German alphabet has 30 letters, the Polish alphabet has 32 and, in my feeling, at least 10 of them have some sort of a twin which writing differentiates only in a little accent, while the pronunciation is completely different! Also, the numerous combinations of cz, sz etc. are not very easy to distinguish for me, but I am working on it :). After going through the alphabet a few times, each of us tried to read a random text out loud. Even though we did not understand a word of what we were reading, it helped a lot to get a feeling for the language and it trained the pronunciation.  Fryderyk did really well in the reading! Even though the emphasis was not always correct, the pronunciation was impressively good. And well, emphasizing a sentence correctly is nearly impossible, when you don’t understand, what you are saying :D.

I can’t really write a lot more, since this lesson was not very thrilling, but therefore it was very instructive and important.



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