Polish – German | 9th meeting


For our 9th lesson, we decided to go to the Tampereen Art Museum, where an exhibition called Space Works was on. After our reading lesson the last time, we decided to have an easy one this time. The exhibition was quite nice and we could let our imagination run wild when it comes to interpreting the space images. There were some informative exhibits as well though. We discussed about whether we, the human society, should colonize space and came to the conclusion that the focus should rather be on saving our current planet first. We also talked about Mirosław Hermaszewski being the first Pole in Space and Alexander Gerst being the most famous German astronaut at the moment. We learned some basic vocabularies like księżyc (moon) and słońce (sun). The Polish word for sun is actually quite similar to the German one, which is Sonne.  Interesting is also, that in both, German and Polish, the moon is masculine, as it is feminine in most other languages (Spanish, French…).

Overall, the afternoon went by very quickly and we are already looking forward to our next meeting, which unfortunately will be the last (at least as part of this course)

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