German-Russian / 3D MEETING


2 hours

Today Chris taught me some exceptional verbs that conjugate differently than the regular ones. It turned out there is actually a lot of them, but they are not very confusing for me. At least yet. 😀 We also learned some common and useful phrases like How can I find a supermarket, Hello, How are you, etc. – both in German and Russian. As Chris noticed “How can I find…” becomes just “Где” (Where) in Russian. That is because we don’t use the verb “to be” the same way Europeans do. We don’t say “I am a doctor”, for example, but rather just “I doctor”, so if you see a confused Russian who misses the “to be” in their sentences, that is just because our grammar structure is different in that sense.

We also studied some weekdays in Russia and even tried to look a bit at the etymology. For example, “среда” (“Wednesday”) is based on середина (“middle”), and “воскресенье” (“Sunday”) basically means “resurrection”.

Meanwhile, Chris is strongly progressing with his reading in Russian. He still has some difficulties with stressing the right parts of the words, so I began stressing the right syllable. I hope that helps. But he is already very good!

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