German-Russian / 4TH MEETING


1,5 hours

Today we wanted to go through some other language learning stuff, but actually ended up talking about politics and war conventions. I never thought I knew a thing about politics, but turns out I do know enough to discuss it internationally.

Chris told me that in Germany right-winged politicians getting more and more attention and approvement from people. But he also said that in his country there are a lot of elections and democracy, and every little thing gets voted for before changing.

I responded with talking about Russian situation, where there is no such thing as democracy. It is on the papers, but not in real life. I told him how our election results are always fake, and that we don’t really decide anything.  We also talked about poisoning of Navalny and how that was ordered by the government, and the oppression of minorities (especially LGBTQ+) in society which is being encouraged and worsen by the government.

We just couldn’t stop discussing it all, but unfortunately Chris had to leave. I hope we will have more conversations like this in future!

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