German-Russian / 5TH MEETING



2 hours

So it’s been a while since we met last time. I was quite busy with my studies and then the autumn break happened. I went to Russia to visit my friends and family, and Chris was on a trip over Finland. I also had some serious troubles crossing the border when I tried to get back to Finland, but fortunately it ended up okay and I’m currently in Hamina again.

Today we talked about cinema industry in Russia and German. Chris seemed quite surprised with the fact that in Russia Hollywood blockbusters get postponed to promote Russian movies about WW2 sometimes. Well it usually gets the viewers furious, but it still happens. As for the production itself, it turned out that both in Germany and in Russia the quality of the national cinematography is quite… meh. We both have lower budgets for that than USA, of course. But there are also a lot of talented people who just can’t find their way into the industry. And while in Hollywood that happens because all the best places are already taken, in our case there are a lot of plain and boring actors & directors who rule the stage.

Chris also told me that Germans do not really show their flags anywhere (Russians pretty much do) because they are afraid of being judged because of country’s history. That’s a shame and I don’t quite understand it, since even the flag is different than it was back then.

I also learned that as Germans are pretty pedantic, there is a trend of taking care of gardens that are located somewhere in the city. And people (especially older ones) actually spend hours there! What a lovely and crazy hobby.b

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