German-Russian / 6TH MEETING


1.5 hours

So today we went back to actual language learning! Chris taught me some German possessive pronouns and how it is conjugated. I’m still struggling with understanding that there are 3 sies (sie – she, sie – they,  Sie – you…) and the ihrs (ihr – her, ihr – their, ihr – yours… omg why).  Plus all those are conjugated by gender and case. God help me…

We also learned some question words and then I tried forming the questions myself. Chris said it was impressive, but I think it wasn’t that good. 😀

Then we moved to Russian and also learned some possessive pronouns. And I think they are quite confusing, too, especially considering all the 6 cases (which we haven’t gone through). But! At least we don’t have the same words for all the pronouns!!! xD

I also tried to show Chris how all the months and seasons are called and then formulated a rule for speaking about age. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I had to make it up myself by analyzing. Turned out there are 3 different forms of “…years old” depending on how much years old exactly someone is. 😀 Well, I guess Russian is really difficult too…

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