German-Russian / 8TH MEETING


1.5 hours

Today we spoke a lot about level of English teaching and speaking in Russia, Germany and Finland. I guess Finland is leading, since everybody here seems to understand English and speak it properly. Like in Finland, in Germany not many movies are being dubbed into another language, mostly it’s English with finnish/german subtitles. In Russia every single movie is dubbed. And that tells a lot about how those countries treat learning English. I pretty much think that although it is an initial skill nowadays, Russian educational system is not so concerned about it. Of course there are language lessons and stuff like that in schools, but you can’t learn English with them only. I mean, I’ve studied in a special language school and even there, while we had like 6 hours of English per week, a lot of my classmates barely reached A2-B1 level. And only 5-7 people had B2 or above. Out of 32.

Then we switched to talk about Saint Petersburg sights and places to visit. I don’t remember how this topic started, but I think I managed to get Chris interested in coming to SPb one day. 😀 I told him about Hermitage, the Winter Palace of Russian Tsars and currently a museum with a lot of cool intercultural stuff. That is my favorite one, though it might be a mainstream, but I really love this place and I’ve attended excursions there since I was like 5 or 6 maybe.

Then I asked Chris to give me some German YouTubers recommendations, because I needed some listening practice and because my YT search engine is different I can’t find any. And even if I could, I never know whether the person is speaking “proper” German. So Chris showed me “Kurzgesagt” – a channel with a lot of interesting videos about… well, popular science mostly. I found it extremely interesting, plus the animations were on point and the speaker speaks that “proper” language that I was looking for!

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